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You can see all the videos I've made of my musical inventions below, or check out the ScrubBoard playlist on my Youtube page

New! Watch me use my new prototype to paint sound on a magnetic canvas
I debut Prototype 5 with my take on the "Peter Piper" routine
Take a tour of my fourth prototype
My debut of the ScrubBoard Junior
In this one, I'm performing an arrangement of a Beastie Boys song that I composed for soprano, alto, & ScrubBoard
This is my official debut of the beta prototype, which I built using professional fabrication tools
This is the newly redesigned ScrubBoard, now with a fully functional tape transport!
I've been practicing! Here's a video to show off my newfound skills:
Here I'm using the ScrubBoard's rocker to play a very unusual guitar solo:
Here are two new videos I made to show off my latest homemade audio toys:
I got two Sony Walkmen and a microphone! The original "ScrubBoard Alpha":
The ScrubBoard fundraiser presentation:


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Crossfader "ScrubBoard Guitar" detachable headstock Record Scratch with movable tapeheads Window to writable surface Removable "conveyor belt-style" tape loops Line inputs for external sound sources Tempo settings