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ScrubBoard Jr. Giveaway

Here's what's happening:

Thanks to a certain global pandemic (and let's be honest, my own procrastination) a lot of my plans for the past couple years have gotten delayed.  By now, I should have been finished selling the initial small batch of ScrubBoard Jr models I was planning on building.  But instead, I'm just now starting to get up and running again, and I still only have the one ScrubBoard Jr prototype.  So to thank you all for all your patience, I've decided to give away that prototype -- the very same one you see in this video. Just enter your info in the form above, and I will randomly select a winner on June 5, and I'll announce that winner shortly thereafter.

When I do finally work out all the details of my initial production run of ScrubBoard Jr models to sell, I will be relying, at least in part, on the turnout from this raffle to gauge people's interest level in buying these. In other words, please tell your friends about the raffle! And of course, if you want to be among the first to know when I do start selling these babies, please sign up for the newsletter and also follow me on Kickstarter. And of course, don't forget to follow the ScrubBoard's Facebook page. Thanks!

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