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Here's what's happening:

Pictured above is my latest prototype, the ScrubBoard Junior. Now that it's complete, I'm one step closer to my goal of actually manufacturing and selling my tape-scratching device. Since I'm still new to the world of commercial manufacturing, I decided that it would be a bit foolhardy to try to manufacture a model with all the features of my previous prototype, so I'm going to first get my feet wet with this model.

The ScrubBoard Junior doesn't have a motorized transport, so you can't record directly onto the tape as you scratch, but it's built to take any cassette tape, so you can easily record your own playlists with a standard tape deck, and then drop the cassette onto the ScrubBoard without worry of harming the tape. And if you don't have a tape deck or any tapes that are scrub-worthy, I'm planning on including prerecorded scratch tapes as backer rewards when I launch my Kickstarter campaign.

As you'll see in my new video, one of the coolest features of the ScrubBoard Junior is that it's able to play audio from both sides of the tape simultaneously. It has separate outputs for side A and side B of the tape, and you can connect these two outputs to a crossfader and use it to switch between the two sides as you scratch. Or you can move the crossfader to the center, connect a second scrubber, and try doing some two-handed scratching. One hand scratches side A and the other scratches side B. Tough but very rewarding!

I still can't say exactly when I'll launch my Kickstarter or how much it will cost, but if you want to be among the first to know about all this stuff, be sure to follow me on Kickstarter. And of course, for updates on everything ScrubBoard-related, please sign up for the newsletter, and follow the ScrubBoard's Facebook page.

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