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The ScrubBoard+Rocker kit is coming!

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Here's what's happening:

In 2014, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance my vision for the "next gen" version of my tape scratcher, "The ScrubBoard Beta." The campaign was unsuccessful, due in large part to the fact that it was wildly over-ambitious and offered little in the way of real deliverables. But something funny happened in the course of the campaign. The "ScrubBoard Alpha," which was originally meant only to demonstrate the basic concept, generated significantly more interest than my vision for the ScrubBoard Beta. A video of me using the handmade device went viral, receiving over 200,000 views within a few weeks. Then the emails started pouring in. I received countless messages from folks who wanted to buy a ScrubBoard Alpha of their own. But the problem was that I simply didn't have the time to handmake models for everyone who wanted one.

Then I got a message from someone suggesting I look into mass-producing a factory version of my handmade ScrubBoard Alpha. It was a great idea. It's so time-consuming to handmake the ScrubBoard because all the measurements have to be so precise in order to keep the playhead aligned with the tape. But it would be very cheap and simple for a machine to make it, as it's a very simple design.

After a few promising leads with some design agencies that ended up not panning out, I decided to redirect my focus toward putting together a live performance. My hope is that some live shows will create some local buzz, which will help to connect me with some local people who are into design and can help me make this thing happen!

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