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Here's what's happening:

Pictured above is the fifth prototype of my tape scratching invention, the ScrubBoard. The concept has changed so much since the first prototype, which was little more than a couple of audio tape-covered chopsticks glued to a board. Now, my latest prototype sports a two-inch loop of multi-track tape, which means it can hold multiple stereo music loops, and still have space left over to create visual points of reference with a dry-erase pen. It also features a foot-controlled transport motor, and can record live audio to the tape loop and scratch it in real time!

You'll find a video demo of my new prototype at the top of the list on my Video page. I will also be adding a photo album soon, but in the meantime, you can find some cool pictures on the ScrubBoard's Facebook page.

Now, regarding the question that everyone asks me: I know that it's taken a lot longer than expected, but I haven't forgotten all the people who have asked if they can buy a ScrubBoard. I've had a lot of setbacks, but I haven't given up, and I appreciate everyone's patience. I'm still spec'ing out a future Kickstarter campaign for my "ScrubBoard Junior" model, and looking for manufacturing contacts. If you know anyone who has any experience with crowdfunding electronics, or if you just have some suggestions on any resources that could be helpful, please drop me a line!

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